Musings Of A Tiny House Lover

I have been fascinated by tiny houses for awhile, now, but am not totally convinced I could live in one. If you missed my confession several months ago, I filled a 24-foot truck, and am now storing most of what was in it in Mom’s garage-(something I haven’t done in 30 years.)

So, while I am hoping to gain lots of great information through my research, I just don’t know if I have the guts to do it

First off, it may not happen for a few years-the tiny house thing. So much has to be done in preparation to live in a tiny house.

One of  the biggest prerequisites I can see,  is simply not simple…get rid of some stuff.  I know that of the items I have, some might not fit my tiny space, without it feeling cluttered, and I hate wall-to-wall furniture. So, after 25 years of owning, and regular re-upolstering my antique couch, I may have to consider replacing it with a couch that can work double duty as a sleeping sofa, since it is 6 feet wide. It just may not work fit in my future tiny living room.

I also have 5 dressers, and an armoire which may be able to be incorporated into my tiny house, one for the bathroom sink, and another possibly as kitchen island, one as a side table, and the other 2 as dressers.

The stipulation of a tiny space containing practical storage is universal knowledge. And if I move in one, I would also want an easy-to-clean design.  For example, those pretty wicker baskets may look cool, but if they have don’t have lids, then whatever things are inside them get dusty, and I would have to vacuum them regularly, and wash everything inside. That doesn’t help me, so I would want a type container-like a lidded plastic storage container. It could quickly be dusted, without dragging out the vacuum cleaner. I like that idea. 

The floors would have to have a high gloss, because I love that look, and that makes for easy cleaning with any vacuum, and a Swiffer.
Also, I want 2 doors in my tiny house, and  privacy in the lofts. The two doors I would want for safety sake.  And as for the loft privacy, I don’t want to be able to see inside the loft bedroom, from the living room. I am thinking about some type of  frosted plexiglass, with sliding doors.  I have a teenager who desires her privacy, and has informed me she doesn’t want her “entire conversations overheard”, whether she has friends over or is talking on the phone. So, I need a creative way to deal with this issue. 
And as for the stairs. I would need either stairs or a ladder, or stairs and  a ladder. I like the spiral staircase idea or stairs with storage under them, but I don’t want to take up too much space with a staircase, and would want to be able to have some storage under the staircase. I don’t have any idea how to do all that.

As for the kitchen, I don’t need a large oven, just one big enough, with two shelves, which is wide enough to hold a cookie sheet and a 9 1/2 by 11 pan. I like those kitchen combos I see, but I doubt if I could afford one. I’d LOVE to find a small vintage one, but who knows if that could happen. The kitchen combos with sink, stove, and faucet are neat, but really expensive. They could cost as much as an entire tiny house!  
I would love to use repurposed items, and keep the house as “green” as possible, too. I mean, doesn’t that make great sense to use salvaged materials?!  I would just have to find them. 
As for time, I have no idea how long it would take to build one, since it would depend on my builder’s schedule. I could do some of the painting to save some money, since I have experience with that.

I would also want a storm shelter very near the tiny house, and if I could build a trap door to get to it without going outside, I would prefer that.  I don’t know if that is even possible since most tiny houses are built on trailers. I have even considered buying a storage container to use as a storm cellar.

I’d love to hear your ideas.. Have you seen any nifty storage ideas in a cabin, or on TV? Let me know!!!

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 Any ideas or feedback on this let me know.

Could You Live In A Tiny House?

Post by: Kelly Murphy

Due to recent life changes, I’m seriously pondering the above question-Could you (as in me) live in a tiny house? Okay, of all the questions I’m considering, here’s the first ……..

I recently downsized from a home of 1308 square feet, which housed 3 people, a cat, and a dog, to… a one room studio @ my mom’s-which houses 2 people, and a cat and a dog.
So, I have moments that I think, “I can’t wait to move into  my own space,” and then other times I say, “If we can live like this then a tiny house would be a piece of cake!” So, my biggest question is.. what is the least and most square footage I can stand?  This isn’t a question I have answered for myself, yet.  In the tiny house movement there is such variety in square footage.   So, I plan to research that aspect and move on to the next question, which is…

This is another very important question? If I did have one, where would it go? Would I be able to rent some land on which to put my tiny house or would I have to buy land? Or do I have land, or do I know someone who has some land that I could rent, monthly? (I have a friend who lives on someone’s vacation property-which has an old house, and his presence gives them comfort. So, he inhabits the property, and does some renovations on the home-in his spare time, and they pay his utilities.)  This is a nice setup for him, but I haven’t found a gig like that yet.)
If I had a friend I thoroughly trusted, there could be a possibility of co-purchasing land. Sharing land with a like-minded individual could be very rewarding, and could be an awesome arrangement, but since I am new to the area,  trusted friends are in short supply. So, moving on to the next question…..
There are lots of builders out there, but I think in researching the cost, the location of the builder and his warehouse (and shipping costs)  must be considered. Depending on the budget of the project, most builders charge per mile for shipping, so, I plan to do some research on how much per mile.  I will get back to you on that. As far as Arkansas builders, I know of one who provides free shipping within 300 miles, of the area code, which could make a huge difference on shipping costs.  Upon my last communication with this particular builder, the initial “set up” for the house on wheels-which many tiny houses have, is free. After that, there is a charge, so I would need to find out how much that would be also.
And what is the cost of the  actual house? A ballpark figure is between $15,000-$90,000. So some specifics to what plan and what kind mist be researcjed/  The plans for a tiny house are fairly inexpensive, but…. the building of a tiny house is where the expenses can begin to mount. 
The way I plan to get started is by collecting pictures of different aspects of  houses that I like.  By that I mean, anything I have always wanted in a house, I will put in my ‘Idea File’.  An example is this… I have always wanted a spiral staircase. I don’t know if that is even feasible for my  tiny house plan, but I want to ask.   
A friend suggested I sketch out some plans on what I want to put where, so I think that is a good idea. I am no David Bromstead though, I can’t make those beautiful sketches of rooms like he does, but I could try to put something down, on paper, since I am specifically thinking of ideas for small spaces.
So, I will let you know what I find out in my research, but in the meantime….what about you? Is there anything you have always wanted to have in a house but never had, or something you had in a house that you had/have and you hate?   I’d love to hear your ideas!  Leave a comment, or email me!

How Would a Tiny House Change You?

Post by: Kelly Murphy

How would living in a tiny house change your life? Or more specifically a Tiny Texas House? If you would care to express your ideas on the subject-that of tiny house living, here is your chance! Check out the contest over at Tiny Texas Houses. I am adding the link so you can check out all the pictures and information. And if you feel like writing about it, there is an essay contest going on, too!

Here is the link

The winner of the essay contest will win a one of a kind Tiny Texas House.

Brad Kittel is the owner of the website and is keen on the concept of sustainability. He doesn’t just build small houses, but small houses made purely with salvage materials.  Check it out!

And if you care to comment on how living in a tiny house would change you, please do! Talk about minimalism!

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