Tips for a better mood

Poster: Kelly Murphy

Hey folks,

I know I am not the only one who goes through life with “stuff” happening, so I thought I’d share some of my ways to get in a better mood. So often getting in a better mood starts with me. Here are  some thoughts and things I do to feel better, and get out of the funk!

1.  Shower and dress. You may not feel like it, but getting dressed, (and not just by wearing those comfy sweats), does help!

2. Don’t use the word “depressed” since it’s negative and depressing!

3. Brainstorm and make a list of the problem and solutions.

4. Develop a timeline, (even if tentative) on accomplishing these goals.

5. Make the changes you can, as soon as you can!

6. Activate!!  Being active helps get the endorphins flowing, which simultaneously creates a better mood!

7. Eat right! I know you have heard this a thousand times but it’s true…Eat some veggies, and put some good food in you! No binging, or starving, but eat balanced meals. Drink lots of water, and cut back on the sugar and caffeine.

8. Socialize!  Having friends over, or making new ones, always lifts a mood!

9. Control your thoughts and self-talk.   Think good things, not …”I am so stupid!” but ” Oh well, everyone makes mistakes, even me!”

10. Get busy.  Now, think of something you have been needing to do… like finish that scrapbook page, or sorting through those papers. Work on it 30 minutes and take a break, but get started!

What has been your experience?  How do you get yourself out of a bad mood?

I hope these ideas will help you, and if you like what you read, or not, please share your comments! You can contact me through this blog, or @

Now… who wants to go to dinner?


Tips on Preparing Your Teenager for the First Day Back to School

Post by: Kelly Murphy

For many, the first day of school is a stressful, but exciting time. Listed are a few ideas on how to make the transition easier:

The day before….

If your child walks to school, walk the route she/he will be taking, with her/him  to familiarize both of you with the areas or cross walks you want him or her to take, and chart the time it will take to get to school. This will help your  teens know exactly when he or she will need to be walking out the door of your house, not just when she or he should arrive at school.

If possible, visit the school beforehand to familiarize her/him with the school. Do a walk-through of the class schedule to alleviate anticipation of getting lost, or being late to class.  This is especially important if this is a new school for your child.

Locate each classroom he/she will be attending. This helps reduce any embarrassment or stress many junior high students may feel and helps with time management.

Locate her/his locker.

Next, complete any tasks which can be done the night before.  Some of these may include, but are not limited to:

Shower/Bathe  (Any shaving, nail painting, or hair-washing should be to previously completed to make for a less-stressful and speedy departure.)

Go to bed early.   A teenager may not actually go to sleep early, but it will provide time to unwind, listen to favorite music, and relax.

Spend 20 minutes with your teen. Be open to encourage and listen about any concerns or comments.

Lay  out clothes (Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C (if girls)

Pack the lunch or snacks and refrigerate.

Pack and place school bag with essential supplies by the front door, or the car trunk  (if you are taking all school supplies at once).

Put a note on the school bag, or front door reminding you to get the lunch out of the refrigerator!

Charge cell phone

Share a blessing, encouragement, or a prayer with your teen. Let her/him know you can’t wait to hear how great her day will be when you see or talk to each other the  in the evening.

The morning of the first day of school:

  • Get up a little early
  • Allow a 15-minute warning before walking out the door.
  • Make sure you and your teen eat a simple and nutritious breakfast! (Yes, even a granola or cereal bar is nutritious!)
  • Smile, hug, and kiss your teenager before she/he leaves. (They may not love it, but you will feel much better).
  • Say a prayer for your teen. This can be done aloud or silently. Even having a moment of silence but standing there with your hands on your teen will be good.  (Again, they may not love it, but you will feel much better.  P.S. Do this before you leave the house, and not in the school parking lot. You may love it but they won’t feel better).
  • Be willing to listen when she/he gets home!

Now, get out there, and have a great first day back to school!

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What’s New @ Mooving2minimalism?

Post by: Kelly Murphy

Hi everybody!

June has been a very busy month for my family.  At the end of May the house sold, and my daughter and I are now in Arkansas.  While we miss all of our friends in Memphis, we don’t miss the mosquitos and the humidity!   But – it’s summer so it’s hot everywhere.  Just not as hot as Memphis.
We are getting to spend more time helping my mom who has had lots of health problems the last few months.  And we are enjoying being in a town of about 15,000, in some ways. It is very safe, and it’s the Ozarks, so it is beautiful! With the rolling hills, the hay on the fields, and the cows and horses grazing, it is very picturesque.  We are getting to know some folks, and have enjoyed the library.  You can actually check out CDs and DVDs for free! In Memphis, it cost about between $2-3 to do that.  When I asked the library personnel how much it cost for the DVDs we checked out,  she looked at me as if I was from another planet. Cool! It was FREE!

I am currently seeking employment as a teacher, so we are on a squeaky/tight budget.  Jobs, here are very scarce, so we are counting our pennies, literally, just to buy milk and eggs.

God does provide, however. The first day we arrived we went on an evening walk and a nice neighbor who turned his backyard into a garden, struck up  a conversation, and then gave us some lettuce! He even said he used no pesticides! Organic to boot!  (Thanks Randy!) And then someone @ church shared some squash and potatoes with the congregation, and we were able to have another meal. So… although we are living hand- to- mouth, we aren’t going hungry, yet. And a few nights ago, a neighbor came by and asked if we were interested in their leftover Pizza Hut takeout. We said, “Thanks!” only to open the box to find an entire SUPREME Pizza Hut pizza.  How great is that!  Pizza isn’t the healthiest thing, but it was a nice thought.  Everything in moderation, right!?

You Memphis folks have no idea how spoiled you are, being able to drink from an artesian-fed water system! The water here is nothing in comparison, but it is better refrigerated.  So, we’re learning to deal. We can’t not drink water, right?

We are doing a lot of incline walking, and so that has helped get some inexpensive exercise, except for the needed walking shoes, (which we already owned).  And it’s very helpful for toning the legs, too.

We also miss our wonderful Whole Foods store with all of their quality food, and people, but we have our own Natures Wonders here, which is a local health food store. We have been to the Farmer’s Market, but have found the produce to be very pricey, and the footprint a bit too big to buy from them.  I am still hoping to find some local farmer to buy raw milk, but so far, I haven’t. I do hav some leads, though.

We are doing a lot of drying our own clothes outside. My mom has a handicapped rail that works great for a clothesline! LOL!  And it’s free to go swim in the Buffalo River, except for the cost of the gas. We have met some very interesting characters there.

Then there’s church. So far, this has been the place we have met some of the nicest people, and we are hoping to find a good church fit for us. We’re still checking things out in that area, though.
Hope all of you are having a good summer, and would love to hear what’s new with all of you.

Share any tips you have about how to make new friends in a new place  if you have any.

How to Downsize Your Closet Without Going Nuts

by: Kelly

I recently gleaned an idea about downsizing on stuff by throwing one thing away a day.  While I think that is a good idea, it doesn’t really work for me.  Here’s why… I usually get caught up finding stuff, start going through the entire house, and the next thing I know, everything is a wreck.  So, my suggestion would be to start in one place, whether in one room or in one category.  So, say, like the bedroom, or the cupboards, or the pantry, or closets.  For my example, I will use bedroom closets.  

 If you choose one closet @ a time, you will make less clutter in your house while you sort.

 First sort in categories of : shoes, winter coats, winter clothes, workout clothes, handbags, hanging clothes. 

Boots- I put boots on lower shelves toward the back of the closet since they are used less often.  I have 2 pair:  1 hiking, and 1 rainboot. (Some folks might like these on higher shelves, but I prefer nothing falling on my head.)

Shoes dressy, casual, hiking boots, and rain boots.
House shoes   1 pair (Go on bottom of closet, or on the door shoe organizer.)
Dressy shoes   3 pair   
Flats          1 pair Black and Gray    
Oxfords    2 pair   Flats   1 Pink, 1 Red
Clogs         1 pair   Low heel  slip-on, Tan
Workout   1 pair Reebocks  White 
Flip Flops  3 pair Gray, Brown, Black

Winter Coats         2     Wool Brown 1, Trench 1
Winter Sweaters  1     Turtleneck  Gray sleeveless
Winter Gloves, Hats, Scarf      2     Black  Scarf  Black
(My theory on winter gloves, hats, and scarfs is buy the same color, so if you lose one, you still having a matching set). I buy the stretchy ones, because I invested in a nice suede pair, and then lost one. Because I was so disappointed by that, I haven’t decided to do that again. I still keep that one glove under my car seat and wear it to pump my gas, when it’s really cold.
As for winter clothes, I keep whatever I have all in my closet- a sweater, and my thermal shirts, since  I don’t like accumulating too many clothes. I don’t want to dread what I hear from friends who have to “bring down the winter clothes from the attic” since there are no winter clothes for me to bring down.  And unless, you are a person who works outside, most places I go are heated, (thankfully) so if I were to wear a winter sweater… by the time I left the building, I’d be too hot and sweating.
The hard part for me is getting rid of some of  my jackets. Hoodies and jackets seem to multiply. I don’t need that many, but still can’t part with my  blue, corduroy, FFA high school jacket with my machine embroidered name on it, it reminds me of Agri club @ Bruno School, and the sacrifice my parents made to buy it for me. We were dairy farmers and I knew money was scarce. But they bought it for me anyway, which meant alot to me. That memory makes me hesitate to give that jacket up.  
And then there are workout clothes.  The t-shirts. They also multiply in the drawer! We all love them, think they are sooo important, and those seem the hardest to part with!  For example, I love my Air Venture Flight School shirt, because it reminds me of that feeling of flight, that I enjoyed tremendously- and all the great people I met @ Air Venture, and while taking my Aerospace class!  So, I have tried to par them down to seven. As I finish with them, I don’t donate them to Goodwill, though, since they make great cleaning cloths.  I mean, why buy cleaning clothes @ Target, or wherever, when you can just use an old T-shirt! 
Socks-  The same goes for socks. They are great for cleaning or padding in packing dishes, or knickknacks. I don’t really need more than 10 pair, do I?
Other undergarments-And I guess the same is true for workout bras, or other undergarments  in general, right?
After organizing by color, I like using hangers that are all the same color. It makes your closet look cohesive.

 So what about you? Do you have any hanging clothes that you haven’t worn in 2 years? Find a home for those, or figure out why you still have them. (I have a few items of clothing my mom made, and I kept to pass down to my daughter, but it seems my daughter doesn’t want them and I still keep them. So.. hopefully I can begin to give those away too.

Do you have jeans, you can’t wear, or pants?  Call a friend who you think could wear them, and see if she wants them and give them to her. Give them with the understanding that if she gets tired of them she will pass them on and NOT return them to you! Goodwill would love to have them.  And if you can’t quite part with something, give it six months, and if you don’t wear it, downsize it! 

As weird as it sounds, it will be a freeing experience.   I prefer to give to Goodwill, rather than wait for the Salvation Army to schedule a pick up time. Once I mentally decide to purge I want it out of my sight! This is why I choose to go to  Goodwill.

My home staging expert told me to she always suggests clients use the same color closet hangers. So I took her advice,and like the cohesiveness that has brought to my closet organization. Now I love that feeling of peace I get when I open  my closet door!
I hope this article helps you in your quest for more organization! Please subscribe, and tell us your stories or dilemmas!

My First 5 Things to Do For A Minimalist Move

Posted by: Kelly Murphy-Briley

My minimalist journey has been a slow one, as many of you have read. And just looking in my attic has proven it. 

I found some more teaching stuff which means, I now have 7 boxes of stuff, not just 4, as I had previously thought. And I was so proud of myself! Ugh! 
 I still must go through all the Christmas stuff, which I plan to do tomorrow. Then I have to see what else is lurking up there in the scary attic! 

*If you are a teacher and need some posters, let me know what you need-I bet I can find some to donate to your classroom!

(While it would nice if I were a teacher who only requires the bare minimum to run a great classroom,  I don’t think that is true of me, except when teaching Physical Education. In other areas… not so much. If  I ever find a great  teaching opportunity again, I’ll be happy to share my striving to have “minimal” stuff in a classroom, and how that goes.)

So, since we hope to sell our house, I thought I should brainstorm about the first 5 things to do when the house does sell. (Trying to be positive, here….)

1. Gather boxes  A minimalist, frugal, and green mover would not go buy boxes. That would be silly, Silly!  Instead she/he would go to the liquor store, such as Buster’s on Highland, (in Memphis) and find some great ones with dividers. Call ahead before you go to make sure they have them, since some liquor stores break down their boxes, and put them in the dumpster.

Personally, this is the only time I head to Buster’s-when I need boxes, and they are always super nice. They have a great size selection too! I’ll start with only 4 boxes, because having a house full of boxes stresses me out!  The house becomes too cluttered, and if we were to have a showing, the ‘box collection’ would not be appealing!  From a green and frugal aspect, I can pass by Buster’s regularly, (carpool) so I am not burning extra gas to get there. After all, gas has gone, and may go-up.  

2. Pack Breakables – Some experts suggest packing one room @ a time, which might or might not work for me, but I do plan to pack all breakables together, no matter what room. Who really put’s every item in the same place in every house?  For me, it’s about whatever fits the box, so things don’t  juggle around. It does help to put something cushiony on the bottom, even in glass boxes that have cardboard dividers, I’ll  use rags, old socks, or dish towels. When an entire box is packedI’ll also put a towel on top before I close and tape it.

3. Labeling – It really helps me to label what is in the box, as I pack, so I don’t have to go back (and mess with my awesome wrap job)- to try to remember what it was. I have even taped a label on the item, so that I would know what it is, without unwrapping it, as I look down into the box. 
If you really want to go crazy, you could take a photo of the item, and tape a picture near the label.  That is a bit too time-consuming, in my opinion, but I have sketched a picture of the item, rather than write the word or item.
The last tip I have about labeling is to position the label in the same spot on ever box. So, for example, if I look @ a stack of boxes, as I’m facing  them, I’d be looking at all  the labels, without having to twist boxes around.
Even if your are not moving at the moment, chances are you will be in the future, so this is a great idea for storing stuff in an attic or basement, or just knowing what you have in your boxes!

4. Packing Materials – I won’t pack my blankets until last, because I plan to use them for cushioning furniture, dressers, and mirrors. I might actually splurge and buy some bubble wrap for my dressers, since they are old  (unless someone wants to donate some to me).
 Just remember if you tape bubble paper around furniture-use enough so you can put the tape on the bubble wrap not on the furniture (unless it is fabric) so you don’t take the paint, or polyurethane off of your stuff. 

5. Storage – Once those boxes are packed, where do I store them? I am wondering how feasible storing all the boxes in one room would be , but it would surely help decide cubit feet to figure truck size, by organizing it that way. I doubt this would be helpful when showing a home, though.   

~The rest of my week, I will be working on purging unneeded papers, books, and miscellaneous. I could probably fill a truck with miscellaneous stuff, but I’m moving towards it. 
I’d better get started. 

What about you? Are there 2 things you can purge this week? Any moving tips? Comment about it! 

 I’m still organizing my blob of thoughts, but thanks for reading

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  • Have an organized week! 


  Posted by: Kelly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hi Friends!   Happy Spring!  Here in Memphis, the cherry trees are beautiful, (especially the one in our front yard at the end of this post), as are the redbuds, dogwoods, and wisteria. In the next few weeks the azaleas will undoubtedly make Memphis even more lovely, and it is a perfect time of year to be outside-before the mosquitos come out in droves  and try to carry us off!  But with all that excitement and  beauty comes allergies. I just swept my front porch, again, trying to keep all that green stuff off.

  So, I thought I would share my top 5 favorite home remedies to help keep you well, as the weather changes:

*Saline solutionYou can purchase it over the counter@ Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or any place that sells medicine. This is a great way to keep the nasal passages hydrated. It especially helps with that burning sensation I  sometimes feel in my nose when I inhale, because all the pollen in the air bugs me. I also notice air that is too dry makes my nose burn.  But, 2 or 3 sprays up each nostril  3-4 times during the day, or as needed will relief symptoms.  The cost per bottle is usually about 2 bucks. And when you’re done, save your bottle  and mix your own.
Try this:
1 t. baking soda,
1/2 t. salt,
1 cup filtered water.
Shake it up, use a funnel.
Reuse your saline bottle when empty.)
How do I know this helps? After years of visits to Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, and Allergists, and paying them $250 a visit, and them asking me every time if I am “using my saline solution?”  I have experienced the truth in it. And it works for me, so that makes me a bit of an authority on this remedy, anyway.
But, wait, there is a trick to spraying this up your nose-without the feeling of drowning. Here it is!
Spray the solution in your nostrils, pinch both nostrils, wait 2 seconds before you sniff. One, two.  Then sniff on one side of your nostril (while still keeping the other pinched). Now repeat. This will almost always keep that drowning feeling from happening. With this bit of wisdom, you won’t dread using it-thus using it more often and longer. You will now feel better soon, and  I just saved you $250!  Yea!
*Garlic I am a strong supporter of odorless garlic supplements. I have some friends who can eat it raw, but that is not me!  Target, Whole Foods, and other supplement-selling places sell the odorless supplements. If you don’t use the odorless, some people experience garlic burps throughout the day, and I  find that very disturbing. Plus, you will smell!
In his bookAdvanced Treatise in Herbology, Dr. Edward Shook had this to say about the valuable antibiotic properties of garlic:
“The use of garlic in the 1st World War (WW1) as an antiseptic was most sensational. In 1916, the British government asked for tons of the bulbs, offering one shilling a pound for as much as could be produced. A great quantity of it was used for the control of suppuration in wounds. The raw juice was expressed, diluted with water, and put on swabs of sterilized sphagnum moss which was applied to the wounds. Where this treatment was given, it has been proved that there has never been one single case of sepsis or septic results. Consequently, the lives of tens of thousands have been saved by this one miraculous herb.”
This excerpt from The How to Herb Book also talks of the wonder of garlic:  “Garlic is called nature’s antibiotic. It contains allicin, a natural antibiotic. One milligram of allicin has a potency of 15 standard units of penicillin. It is effective against toxic bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Garlic contains more germanium, an anti-cancer agent, than any other herb. In tests with mice and rats, garlic fed groups developed no cancer where no-garlic fed groups developed some cancers. In Russia, garlic was found to retard tumor growth in humans.”
I’m just saying…..It’s not just me!  But, drink a full glass of water when you take your supplements so your stomach won’t feel weird.  AND, if you are taking garlic in lieu of an antibiotic, don’t forget to eat yogurt with nature acidophilus, because it kills all the bacteria, good and bad.

*Yogurt-Make sure you eat at least 1 serving of yogurt daily. And it needs to be the good stuff, with the acidophilus, and any other ‘ilus’es on the end.  The thick Greek yogurt is best, and yes, it’s more expensive, usually about a $1 for a small tub. You will feel as good as the women Jamie Lee Curtis interviews in the Activia commercial, and I will feel as proud as Jamie Lee when it helps you! But, Activia has a lot of sugar in it, so the plain Greek yogurt is better, because you can control the amount of sugar in it by
lightly sweetening.    And, Hello! Too much sugary stuff in it will defeat the purpose of the yogurt. Bacteria feeds on yogurt in your colon, if ya didn’t know. (I want to make my own, and am looking for a recipe to try. If I find it works, I will write about it and let you know.) 


*Spirulina – This is a brilliant supplement, and is great for a sluggish digestive system. If you ever experience irregularity, issues, using this along with yogurt should get your “colon rollin.”  Spirulina will make you feel like the Energizer bunny! Instead of a Mountain Dew, or a cup of coffee, (no, let me rephrase that) in addition to a cup of coffee, try one of these little green pills to rejuvenate your day. One pill of Spirulina has the equivalent of 3-4 servings of veggies. A bottle of 180 (500 mg) cost about $15. How would Spirulina, help me you say? Well, it is microscopic vegetable bacteria, and a green superfood. It increases immunity and longevity, and is a natural antioxidant. Just remember to take only one the first day to see how it affects you. Everyone is different, but the directions on my bottle says 6 tabs a day, but I’d recommend against that until you see how it works for you










*Omega 3 oil- While I love eating fish, not everyone in my family does, so Omega 3 supplements are an option to getting  that “good” oil. Flax or Borage oil supplements would work for this, too. The cost is between $8-14 a bottle.
I wanted to see if I could notice a significant difference, from usage. My daughter became the case study/guinea pig, and after she took one big pill daily, (1000 mg, eaten with a cracker) over a monthly period, we saw an improvement in her skin.  She commented that the back of her triceps were becoming noticeably smooth!
Now, I don’t have to cook odoriferous fish, since we are trying to sell our house!
And that is, as Martha Stewart says, “a good thing!”







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Beautiful Cherry Tree on Oakridge Drive

10 Ideas for a Thrifty Valentine’s Day

     Finding ways to enjoy your time with your Valentine a bit more challenging in this economy?  But don’t worry. It’s not impossible, and I have some ideas on how to make that happen. Read on.

  • Find a spot where you can watch the sun rise or set–together.  This could be outside the city, close to water, or someplace with a nice view.       And if you love stargazing, like me, find a place away from city lights, so the beauty of the constellations are as bright as possible.     Or, try a different approach… Often, you can find a group in your area with free observation times. College campuses sometime offer special observation times, and often have high-powered telescopes usually unavailable to the casual star-gazer.( If the weather is too cold for that, and you live near or in the Memphis, the Pink Palace’s Sharpe planetarium , offers incredibly educational shows using the Gallium technology in a 130-seat domed theater. The superb sound system helps provide projections of visual images, star maps and patterns which are projected on the ceiling.  Check ahead for times before your actual date, by heading over to their website. As the website says, the programs are a “treat for the eyes and ears,” and are all for under $5. That is a treat!  Here is the website … 
  • See a matinee. Try either @ a very nice movie theatre, or go to an evening movie @ the ‘thrifty’ theatre in your town. You might still be able to afford a bite to eat afterward, because of the lower cost.
  • Browse thrift stores or flea markets for inexpensive items with good bones.   Who knows, you might find something that would suit your space better than what you own, and that you absolutely love.   (Mimalism doesn’t necessarily mean you can only have a bed and a toothbrush, but that you don’t have stuff just to have stuff.  Just remember that if something comes in to your house, something else should go out.)     
  • Enjoy a coffeehouse or bookstore.  Often musicians or poetry readers entertain in these places. You can simply listen, or browse the reading sections while you listen. Your choice.
  • Visit a museum or zoo. Check locally to see the days they are free, or less expensive. Those days may not fall on Valentine’s Day, but part of showing love is about year round ways of showing appreciation, right?  
  • Ride the trolley, or the city bus. This is fairly inexpensive way to see places you might not have yet seen from a different perspective of being in the driver’s seat. You also might see places in your town you rarely frequent or have never been. 
  • If there is an amphitheatre in or near your area, you can often listen to bands having practice sessions. This is usually free, and a great way to enjoy spending time together. 
  • And if you want to stay in…..Make  a quick dessert together. If you are like me, I don’t consider an entire evening of cooking a fun thing, but choosing a quick treat makes it doable.  Starting with organic strawberries, and topping them with organic whipped cream is a quick and delicious way to spend some time with each other.  Using organic whipped cream, which comes in those cute little cartons at the Whole Foods store, is the way to go. It will take only 5 minutes to whip the cream, with a hand mixer, and the sugar is already included. Whip just until the cream peaks and then dip the strawberries in. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and you have an organic yet simple treat which is somewhat healthy. Yes, you had whipped cream but at least it was organic!  Plus, if you want really fast cleanup you can just get a can of whipped topping, too.
  • Share the gift of music with your Valentine. If cooking isn’t what you call soothing, get out all the music you haven’t heard in a while, without turning on the TV.  Music can take you back to wonderful places, and this can spark more conversation!  Don’t turn on the TV. Too distracting.   Oh, and did you find some CDs you don’t just love anymore? Put them in the Goodwill pile with that something you are donating, (since you found that cool thingy from the thrift store/flea market.)
  • Last but not least: Write a letter or a poem to each other.  While the internet is a fantastic communication tool, there is something about a handwritten note on a piece of paper you can touch with your fingers.  Use candy hearts to write sentences if you want. They are cute and tasty!  Or on a more serious note….Start it with 10 things I love about you are… If you are more romantically inclined try…. How do I love thee, let me count the ways…. Either way, it is a tangible way to express your love and affection with your Valentine.    

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is thrifty and beautiful!  I hope you will show some love by leaving comments sharing your own ideas. You can also share this post with others on Facebook or Twitter!   

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