Being Thankful

Post by : Kelly Murphy

I would like to wish you, my readers a very a happy Thanksgiving. My wish and prayer for you is that you enjoy your time with family and friends.  Thanksgiving should be a time when we all share our feelings of thankfulness with friends and family.

The best way to get through it is find those you love, and who bring you joy. If it’s family, count yourself lucky, if it’s not, spend time with those who give you joy, and make you laugh.

If you are spending time with family who don’t bring you joy, and if it feels more like a trial, be as kind as possible, and try to keep the negativism to a minimum. Spend some time with them, and then go have some fun!

Remember that the first Thanksgiving was very diverse, with Native Americans, as well as Pilgrims. Be the one, who invites someone else to your Thanksgiving table if you become aware of someone who has no place to go.   I have been on both ends of that spectrum, and have loved being the one to invite someone over who had no family in town, and have also been the recipient of someone’s hospitality, and both aspects can be blessings.  Thankfulness comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. 

When you invite someone into your home, it is a gift you give, and a gift you receive. Someone has taken the time to share his or her precious holiday time with me, and then having also been the recipient, someone took the time to offer his or her home to me as a gift of friendship. 
I hope this Thanksgiving finds you thankful for the many freedoms we experience in America, and I hope that-even with a lagging economy here in America, you will find joy in living in a democracy, and in your family and friends. Every moment you spend with your family and friends, you leave a legacy of the gift of your time. And it is not stuff that ultimately brings us happiness but each other. wherever you are-enjoy that you are alive!

Think about what is really important. To me,  it’s a comfort knowing I am loved, and that I can show love to others.  If you are one who doesn’t feel that way, know that God is always there for you, and loves and cares for us!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011~

God bless all of you!

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