6 Savey Ideas for Back to School!

Post: by Kelly Murphy


I have some ideas on this subject and here they are: .

1. Basics only– Get only what you need.  Shot an email to the teacher, or make a phone call to the school and ask for what must be purchased before Christmas. I have found that so many of the school supplies goes on clearance about September, very inexpensively. Now get the rest of the list.

2. Lunch Boxes, and Backpacks. Reuse last year’s backpack!  I got lucky this year , because my daughter’s school doesn’t allow backpacks, but it would have been fine for her to reuse the one she had. (Then shop for clearance for next year’s in September!)

3.Grab this year’s school supply list off of the internet, or at a sponsoring dept store, and next years’ also. When things go on clearance stock up!

4. Calculators, Again find out EXACTLY when they will be used, (email the teacher) and see if you can delay until it goes on sale. ( My 7th grader had to purchase a certain calculator for PreAlegebra, and didn’t actually use it until Christmas).  I was able to buy it on sale, which saved us about $11 on a $115 calculator. When you’re living on a shoestring, anything helps! )

5. Clothes… Can you say thrift stores? Uniforms.  Email friends, post to Facebook,  Freecycle… whatever. If you have to purchase them @ the store, only buy 3 coordinating shorts, pants, and shirts. It works.

6. Tax-exempt day… For some this is a way to save but if you keep an eye out for clearance stuff this year, you won’t have to go through the rush of the tax-exempt day crowd.  If you are brave enough, here is a link for all U.S. states….. 

http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/649/back-to-school-shoppers-get-a-break-on-sales-taxes (P.S. This link is daughter’s father’s contribution to school supply support, money not included. Very helpful K.B. Thanks.)


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