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Post by: Kelly Murphy

Hi everybody!

June has been a very busy month for my family.  At the end of May the house sold, and my daughter and I are now in Arkansas.  While we miss all of our friends in Memphis, we don’t miss the mosquitos and the humidity!   But – it’s summer so it’s hot everywhere.  Just not as hot as Memphis.
We are getting to spend more time helping my mom who has had lots of health problems the last few months.  And we are enjoying being in a town of about 15,000, in some ways. It is very safe, and it’s the Ozarks, so it is beautiful! With the rolling hills, the hay on the fields, and the cows and horses grazing, it is very picturesque.  We are getting to know some folks, and have enjoyed the library.  You can actually check out CDs and DVDs for free! In Memphis, it cost about between $2-3 to do that.  When I asked the library personnel how much it cost for the DVDs we checked out,  she looked at me as if I was from another planet. Cool! It was FREE!

I am currently seeking employment as a teacher, so we are on a squeaky/tight budget.  Jobs, here are very scarce, so we are counting our pennies, literally, just to buy milk and eggs.

God does provide, however. The first day we arrived we went on an evening walk and a nice neighbor who turned his backyard into a garden, struck up  a conversation, and then gave us some lettuce! He even said he used no pesticides! Organic to boot!  (Thanks Randy!) And then someone @ church shared some squash and potatoes with the congregation, and we were able to have another meal. So… although we are living hand- to- mouth, we aren’t going hungry, yet. And a few nights ago, a neighbor came by and asked if we were interested in their leftover Pizza Hut takeout. We said, “Thanks!” only to open the box to find an entire SUPREME Pizza Hut pizza.  How great is that!  Pizza isn’t the healthiest thing, but it was a nice thought.  Everything in moderation, right!?

You Memphis folks have no idea how spoiled you are, being able to drink from an artesian-fed water system! The water here is nothing in comparison, but it is better refrigerated.  So, we’re learning to deal. We can’t not drink water, right?

We are doing a lot of incline walking, and so that has helped get some inexpensive exercise, except for the needed walking shoes, (which we already owned).  And it’s very helpful for toning the legs, too.

We also miss our wonderful Whole Foods store with all of their quality food, and people, but we have our own Natures Wonders here, which is a local health food store. We have been to the Farmer’s Market, but have found the produce to be very pricey, and the footprint a bit too big to buy from them.  I am still hoping to find some local farmer to buy raw milk, but so far, I haven’t. I do hav some leads, though.

We are doing a lot of drying our own clothes outside. My mom has a handicapped rail that works great for a clothesline! LOL!  And it’s free to go swim in the Buffalo River, except for the cost of the gas. We have met some very interesting characters there.

Then there’s church. So far, this has been the place we have met some of the nicest people, and we are hoping to find a good church fit for us. We’re still checking things out in that area, though.
Hope all of you are having a good summer, and would love to hear what’s new with all of you.

Share any tips you have about how to make new friends in a new place  if you have any.

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