Minimalist Mood

Post by: Kelly Murphy

I have been in a minimalist mood to blog, lately. In other words, I have been too tired to blog, and just trying to get through doing the minimum.  Have any of you ever felt like that? 
And sometimes that is ok, if it is all that you can do.  Right now, that’s all I can do. I am so tired of waiting….  waiting on things to change, waiting on things to be different, waiting, waiting. Waiting on a divorce to be finalized to get on with my life. Always waiting. 

Right now, I just need to ‘be still and let God be God.” There’s a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, with lyrics that say….”God is God, and I am not.” That is my new mantra that I am trying to repeat to myself when I feel myself begin to stress about having to wait. 

 Here are a few things that have helped me get through my last four months of crap.

~a little activity daily. Walking is pretty inexpensive with a good pair of walking shoes, and the benefits on the heart and the booty are enormous. (I’d rather have enormous health benefits than an enormous booty, wouldn’t you?)

~deep breathing, and relaxation techniques. And as I take a few deep breaths, I find that it really does help. After 4 deep breaths I can actually feel my heart rate slow down. Try it!

~prayer. From short to long, they all help

There. That’s my top 3. 

In the long run, what truly matters is how we handle our fears, frustrations, and stress  in the midst of the waiting.  Finding healthy ways to keep busy has helped me when I feel anxiety. 

So if life has thrown you some curves lately, as mine has me, try some rejuvenation to get out of that minimalist mood!


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