Musings Of A Tiny House Lover

I have been fascinated by tiny houses for awhile, now, but am not totally convinced I could live in one. If you missed my confession several months ago, I filled a 24-foot truck, and am now storing most of what was in it in Mom’s garage-(something I haven’t done in 30 years.)

So, while I am hoping to gain lots of great information through my research, I just don’t know if I have the guts to do it

First off, it may not happen for a few years-the tiny house thing. So much has to be done in preparation to live in a tiny house.

One of  the biggest prerequisites I can see,  is simply not simple…get rid of some stuff.  I know that of the items I have, some might not fit my tiny space, without it feeling cluttered, and I hate wall-to-wall furniture. So, after 25 years of owning, and regular re-upolstering my antique couch, I may have to consider replacing it with a couch that can work double duty as a sleeping sofa, since it is 6 feet wide. It just may not work fit in my future tiny living room.

I also have 5 dressers, and an armoire which may be able to be incorporated into my tiny house, one for the bathroom sink, and another possibly as kitchen island, one as a side table, and the other 2 as dressers.

The stipulation of a tiny space containing practical storage is universal knowledge. And if I move in one, I would also want an easy-to-clean design.  For example, those pretty wicker baskets may look cool, but if they have don’t have lids, then whatever things are inside them get dusty, and I would have to vacuum them regularly, and wash everything inside. That doesn’t help me, so I would want a type container-like a lidded plastic storage container. It could quickly be dusted, without dragging out the vacuum cleaner. I like that idea. 

The floors would have to have a high gloss, because I love that look, and that makes for easy cleaning with any vacuum, and a Swiffer.
Also, I want 2 doors in my tiny house, and  privacy in the lofts. The two doors I would want for safety sake.  And as for the loft privacy, I don’t want to be able to see inside the loft bedroom, from the living room. I am thinking about some type of  frosted plexiglass, with sliding doors.  I have a teenager who desires her privacy, and has informed me she doesn’t want her “entire conversations overheard”, whether she has friends over or is talking on the phone. So, I need a creative way to deal with this issue. 
And as for the stairs. I would need either stairs or a ladder, or stairs and  a ladder. I like the spiral staircase idea or stairs with storage under them, but I don’t want to take up too much space with a staircase, and would want to be able to have some storage under the staircase. I don’t have any idea how to do all that.

As for the kitchen, I don’t need a large oven, just one big enough, with two shelves, which is wide enough to hold a cookie sheet and a 9 1/2 by 11 pan. I like those kitchen combos I see, but I doubt if I could afford one. I’d LOVE to find a small vintage one, but who knows if that could happen. The kitchen combos with sink, stove, and faucet are neat, but really expensive. They could cost as much as an entire tiny house!  
I would love to use repurposed items, and keep the house as “green” as possible, too. I mean, doesn’t that make great sense to use salvaged materials?!  I would just have to find them. 
As for time, I have no idea how long it would take to build one, since it would depend on my builder’s schedule. I could do some of the painting to save some money, since I have experience with that.

I would also want a storm shelter very near the tiny house, and if I could build a trap door to get to it without going outside, I would prefer that.  I don’t know if that is even possible since most tiny houses are built on trailers. I have even considered buying a storage container to use as a storm cellar.

I’d love to hear your ideas.. Have you seen any nifty storage ideas in a cabin, or on TV? Let me know!!!

And… if you like what you read share this with your friends!

 Any ideas or feedback on this let me know.


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  1. Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 05:32:36

    It sounds to me with two people, especially a teen that needs privacy and with the things you love that you want to keep, and a spiral staircase that perhaps a large tiny house or a very small house would suit you well. Perhaps in the 400-500 sf range. I’m having a hard time imagining what you are describing in the typical tiny houses of less than 200 sf. It would be very difficult to have privacy in one of those or that amount of belongings.

    As far as ideas, I know some of the things I’ve worked on lately is how versatile kitchen items are and how they can be multi-purposed therefore reducing the amount of separate ones you need to own. You know, the objects that only do one thing. I’ve actually cut my kitchen items down to such a small amount, it blows my mind, but I can still get the same job done.

    I know for awhile I toyed with the idea of not having a kitchen sink and just using the bathroom sink. I created a design with the bathroom having a nice large farmer’s sink for this purpose located near the entrance to the bathroom with a close proximity to the kitchen.

    I do know at present I can count what I’ll be putting into each room pretty simply. There’s only four rooms and the only one closed off to the rest is the bathroom, although the wall that encloses the bathroom also encloses one side of the bedroom allowing for some privacy there, but since there will be only one person, total privacy is not an issue. The bedroom will have a bed on a platform that will have drawers beneath thus eliminating the need for a dresser. I’ll have a sectional in the LR with a coffee table with a shelf beneath for books, eliminating a bookcase. My bathroom is pretty standard and consists of a bathtub (must have a tub; I don’t do showers), sink and toilet. My kitchen is a sink with counter and a fridge on one side. Facing that is an island holding a microwave and my DUXTOP cooktop. The island has shelves beneath for food and dishes. I don’t use a stove, so why have one. I can do any “baking” in my deep cast iron on the DUXTOP. This is one of the Tall Pines Inn log cabins in Eureka Springs that I’m very nearly copying but just expanding slightly to handle my small kitchen. The plans are 16 x 20 or 320 sf. That sounds like the right amount of space for me. I’m not completely comfortable living in the tiny houses of only 8 x 16 or 8 x 18, which seem just a bit too small for my liking.


    • mooving2minimalism
      Oct 03, 2011 @ 19:58:22

      Wow! I love all the thought you have put into this! I’ll have to google a DUXTOP and see what it looks like. I also want to check out the Tall Pines Inn log cabins, to see if I can see a picture. Yes, I think 8 x l8 sounds small to me, but don’t really know how small I could stand. There’s one more think I’ll have to research!
      Thanks for dropping by!


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