How Would a Tiny House Change You?

Post by: Kelly Murphy

How would living in a tiny house change your life? Or more specifically a Tiny Texas House? If you would care to express your ideas on the subject-that of tiny house living, here is your chance! Check out the contest over at Tiny Texas Houses. I am adding the link so you can check out all the pictures and information. And if you feel like writing about it, there is an essay contest going on, too!

Here is the link

The winner of the essay contest will win a one of a kind Tiny Texas House.

Brad Kittel is the owner of the website and is keen on the concept of sustainability. He doesn’t just build small houses, but small houses made purely with salvage materials.  Check it out!

And if you care to comment on how living in a tiny house would change you, please do! Talk about minimalism!

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