Great Ways to Have A Successful Garage Sale

Posted by: Kelly Murphy-Briley

School is almost out, and it is a great time to have a garage sale. How many of you out there would love to do the same, but don’t because of all the work of tagging everything? I was one of those people, until I became one of those “NON-TAG-ERS.”

Did I just say,’ just putting the stuff out and selling it without the tags’? Yes, you heard me, without the tags

In my opinion, this works fine.  People don’t seem to mind so much these days.  I used to find this so irritating, when I went to a sale to see no tags on stuff, but then realized the reason I didn’t have a  sale was because I never could get around to tagging everything

But. after using this non-tagging method for the last several years, I find it works pretty well. 

People tend to buy more stuff if you tell them to get all they want and you’ll make them a deal. (Of course, you have to actually make them a deal).

This method has some challenges, so here are my tips on how to do it.

First, make sure you  have your cash handy and out of sight.
Next, and the biggest challenge, have plenty of help from friends and family who know the prices.  
Also, be very discerning before you let anyone in your house to use the phone, or the restroom. While using the phone isn’t the request I usually get, using the bathroom is.
 I guess living in Memphis has made me skeptical, but people who send their your children in your home to use the restroom, sometimes have sticky fingers. I dont’ want any tiny thieves in my house, since the stuff I want to sell and get rid of is outside! Additionally, little boys tend to leave surprises on the toilet seat, and bathroom floor, too!

As for other tips…

-Start early
-Post your sale on Craigslist
-Put BIG, readable signs up @ important intersections
-Be ready to help, but don’t hover!

Here is an especially good link to help you along the way too:

 Hope that helps!

As for being minimalist… Remember….you don’t want to take anything back in your house.   Whatever you were planning to sell, that doesn’t sell, take to the car, and go to Goodwill immediately.

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  1. Victoria - Ozarks Crescent Mural
    May 14, 2011 @ 16:00:16

    Kelly, I have a Twitter fixation lately. Are you on Twitter?


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