Ways to Celebrate Easter

posted by: Kelly Murphy-Briley

How do you celebrate Easter?  There are many things you can buy. The Dollar Tree has many little things to put in an Easter basket. You can buy all kinds of stuff like nail polish, fake nails, soaps, bottles of perfume and bath wash, bubbles, plastic eggs, candy, stickers,– and the list goes on!

But all that “cheap” stuff from the Dollar Tree or Dollar section items comes at a cost.  Most of it is China-made, and I don’t know how that supports our American economy-which if you haven’t heard- could use some support!

I have another idea…. How about NOT buying Bunny Ears headbands, or plastic grass to go in the basket, or a basket?

  If you have to buy something, just buy one thing, or maybe even create something special for your special somebunny, like a special bracelet, or some earrings. Pick one thing that person would really use.

How about a quality chocolate bar or bag. Something that will help the endangered species, or is fair trade. Yes,  it is more expensive than the cheap chocolate you can buy at the dollar tree, but it is better for you, and actually helps somebunny (or maybe even a tiger)!

Or how about just spending time with your someone doing something he or she enjoys? Whether it is your child or your significant other,  quantity time can lead to quality time.  I have a daughter with whom I spend lots of time, and I find the more we are together, the deeper our conversations go.

Here are some ideas on how to do that:

Go for a hike.

Go for a walk or browse historic or new places.

Have an Easter egg hunt!

Grab a bite to eat.

Go to a movie.

Check out a museum.

Go to a church worship service, or a sunrise service.

Watch a movie together.  (And moms, that means you actually sit down and watch the movie, too, rather than serve everyone popcorn, drinks, etc.  Do buffet style snacking, and let everyone help with food prep, and allow other to serve themselves.)

REMEMBER….YOU are the best Easter present! Your time and love you spread to your family and friends, is the BEST way to celebrate!!!!

Talk about Easter and what it means to you. It is about more than just bunnies, Peeps, and chocolate, and dying eggs or filling eggs with candy to many of us.  Share your childhood memories, with your friends and family about how you celebrated as a kid.

Instead of buying more consumable items, how about leaving your footprint on your kids (not literally) and loved ones, rather than the Earth! Try spending time with them, instead.

This is the perfect opportunity to share about your beliefs and why you celebrate Easter.  For me,  it’s about Jesus‘ sacrifice, and His triumph over death.  And while I am thankful for Him on a daily basis, Easter is a special time or nation as designated to celebrate nationally, so I am going to celebrate!   Whether you share Christian beliefs, or not, it is a great conversation-starter for discussing spirituality.

What do you feel? Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments!

 Happy Easter!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dxilnddlyt
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 20:14:23

    I agree with you. This is great advice for new mothers. I unfortunately over did it buying too much stuff for my children’s Easter baskets. I think the more simple, the better. Also, I think giving little trinkets from your local Bible books stores are great for baskets. I always wanted to start my own Easter tradition and fix a big family meal but unfortunately my husband wanted to continue with his family tradition and to this day I resent it. We don’t even go to church because we have to travel 2 hours there & back in one day. I think a good Easter Sunday would include church, big meal, lots of family time like coloring and hunting eggs, etc. and a simple basket w/goodies.


    • mooving2minimalism
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 00:10:22

      @ dxilnddlyt
      I agree! Being with family, going to church together…these are great family traditions! They mold us when we are young and comfort us when we are old. I love your idea of finding a few quality, simple things from the Christian bookstore, too. I still have a little Bible book I was given as a child, which had a few Bible verses in it. The whole idea is to enjoy the simplicity of life, rather than buy more stuff! I know trying to combine traditions is certainly a challenge! I hope this year’s Easter was happy! Thanks for your comment!!!


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