My First 5 Things to Do For A Minimalist Move

Posted by: Kelly Murphy-Briley

My minimalist journey has been a slow one, as many of you have read. And just looking in my attic has proven it. 

I found some more teaching stuff which means, I now have 7 boxes of stuff, not just 4, as I had previously thought. And I was so proud of myself! Ugh! 
 I still must go through all the Christmas stuff, which I plan to do tomorrow. Then I have to see what else is lurking up there in the scary attic! 

*If you are a teacher and need some posters, let me know what you need-I bet I can find some to donate to your classroom!

(While it would nice if I were a teacher who only requires the bare minimum to run a great classroom,  I don’t think that is true of me, except when teaching Physical Education. In other areas… not so much. If  I ever find a great  teaching opportunity again, I’ll be happy to share my striving to have “minimal” stuff in a classroom, and how that goes.)

So, since we hope to sell our house, I thought I should brainstorm about the first 5 things to do when the house does sell. (Trying to be positive, here….)

1. Gather boxes  A minimalist, frugal, and green mover would not go buy boxes. That would be silly, Silly!  Instead she/he would go to the liquor store, such as Buster’s on Highland, (in Memphis) and find some great ones with dividers. Call ahead before you go to make sure they have them, since some liquor stores break down their boxes, and put them in the dumpster.

Personally, this is the only time I head to Buster’s-when I need boxes, and they are always super nice. They have a great size selection too! I’ll start with only 4 boxes, because having a house full of boxes stresses me out!  The house becomes too cluttered, and if we were to have a showing, the ‘box collection’ would not be appealing!  From a green and frugal aspect, I can pass by Buster’s regularly, (carpool) so I am not burning extra gas to get there. After all, gas has gone, and may go-up.  

2. Pack Breakables – Some experts suggest packing one room @ a time, which might or might not work for me, but I do plan to pack all breakables together, no matter what room. Who really put’s every item in the same place in every house?  For me, it’s about whatever fits the box, so things don’t  juggle around. It does help to put something cushiony on the bottom, even in glass boxes that have cardboard dividers, I’ll  use rags, old socks, or dish towels. When an entire box is packedI’ll also put a towel on top before I close and tape it.

3. Labeling – It really helps me to label what is in the box, as I pack, so I don’t have to go back (and mess with my awesome wrap job)- to try to remember what it was. I have even taped a label on the item, so that I would know what it is, without unwrapping it, as I look down into the box. 
If you really want to go crazy, you could take a photo of the item, and tape a picture near the label.  That is a bit too time-consuming, in my opinion, but I have sketched a picture of the item, rather than write the word or item.
The last tip I have about labeling is to position the label in the same spot on ever box. So, for example, if I look @ a stack of boxes, as I’m facing  them, I’d be looking at all  the labels, without having to twist boxes around.
Even if your are not moving at the moment, chances are you will be in the future, so this is a great idea for storing stuff in an attic or basement, or just knowing what you have in your boxes!

4. Packing Materials – I won’t pack my blankets until last, because I plan to use them for cushioning furniture, dressers, and mirrors. I might actually splurge and buy some bubble wrap for my dressers, since they are old  (unless someone wants to donate some to me).
 Just remember if you tape bubble paper around furniture-use enough so you can put the tape on the bubble wrap not on the furniture (unless it is fabric) so you don’t take the paint, or polyurethane off of your stuff. 

5. Storage – Once those boxes are packed, where do I store them? I am wondering how feasible storing all the boxes in one room would be , but it would surely help decide cubit feet to figure truck size, by organizing it that way. I doubt this would be helpful when showing a home, though.   

~The rest of my week, I will be working on purging unneeded papers, books, and miscellaneous. I could probably fill a truck with miscellaneous stuff, but I’m moving towards it. 
I’d better get started. 

What about you? Are there 2 things you can purge this week? Any moving tips? Comment about it! 

 I’m still organizing my blob of thoughts, but thanks for reading

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