Posted by: Kelly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hi Friends!   Happy Spring!  Here in Memphis, the cherry trees are beautiful, (especially the one in our front yard at the end of this post), as are the redbuds, dogwoods, and wisteria. In the next few weeks the azaleas will undoubtedly make Memphis even more lovely, and it is a perfect time of year to be outside-before the mosquitos come out in droves  and try to carry us off!  But with all that excitement and  beauty comes allergies. I just swept my front porch, again, trying to keep all that green stuff off.

  So, I thought I would share my top 5 favorite home remedies to help keep you well, as the weather changes:

*Saline solutionYou can purchase it over the counter@ Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or any place that sells medicine. This is a great way to keep the nasal passages hydrated. It especially helps with that burning sensation I  sometimes feel in my nose when I inhale, because all the pollen in the air bugs me. I also notice air that is too dry makes my nose burn.  But, 2 or 3 sprays up each nostril  3-4 times during the day, or as needed will relief symptoms.  The cost per bottle is usually about 2 bucks. And when you’re done, save your bottle  and mix your own.
Try this:
1 t. baking soda,
1/2 t. salt,
1 cup filtered water.
Shake it up, use a funnel.
Reuse your saline bottle when empty.)
How do I know this helps? After years of visits to Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, and Allergists, and paying them $250 a visit, and them asking me every time if I am “using my saline solution?”  I have experienced the truth in it. And it works for me, so that makes me a bit of an authority on this remedy, anyway.
But, wait, there is a trick to spraying this up your nose-without the feeling of drowning. Here it is!
Spray the solution in your nostrils, pinch both nostrils, wait 2 seconds before you sniff. One, two.  Then sniff on one side of your nostril (while still keeping the other pinched). Now repeat. This will almost always keep that drowning feeling from happening. With this bit of wisdom, you won’t dread using it-thus using it more often and longer. You will now feel better soon, and  I just saved you $250!  Yea!
*Garlic I am a strong supporter of odorless garlic supplements. I have some friends who can eat it raw, but that is not me!  Target, Whole Foods, and other supplement-selling places sell the odorless supplements. If you don’t use the odorless, some people experience garlic burps throughout the day, and I  find that very disturbing. Plus, you will smell!
In his bookAdvanced Treatise in Herbology, Dr. Edward Shook had this to say about the valuable antibiotic properties of garlic:
“The use of garlic in the 1st World War (WW1) as an antiseptic was most sensational. In 1916, the British government asked for tons of the bulbs, offering one shilling a pound for as much as could be produced. A great quantity of it was used for the control of suppuration in wounds. The raw juice was expressed, diluted with water, and put on swabs of sterilized sphagnum moss which was applied to the wounds. Where this treatment was given, it has been proved that there has never been one single case of sepsis or septic results. Consequently, the lives of tens of thousands have been saved by this one miraculous herb.”
This excerpt from The How to Herb Book also talks of the wonder of garlic:  “Garlic is called nature’s antibiotic. It contains allicin, a natural antibiotic. One milligram of allicin has a potency of 15 standard units of penicillin. It is effective against toxic bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Garlic contains more germanium, an anti-cancer agent, than any other herb. In tests with mice and rats, garlic fed groups developed no cancer where no-garlic fed groups developed some cancers. In Russia, garlic was found to retard tumor growth in humans.”
I’m just saying…..It’s not just me!  But, drink a full glass of water when you take your supplements so your stomach won’t feel weird.  AND, if you are taking garlic in lieu of an antibiotic, don’t forget to eat yogurt with nature acidophilus, because it kills all the bacteria, good and bad.

*Yogurt-Make sure you eat at least 1 serving of yogurt daily. And it needs to be the good stuff, with the acidophilus, and any other ‘ilus’es on the end.  The thick Greek yogurt is best, and yes, it’s more expensive, usually about a $1 for a small tub. You will feel as good as the women Jamie Lee Curtis interviews in the Activia commercial, and I will feel as proud as Jamie Lee when it helps you! But, Activia has a lot of sugar in it, so the plain Greek yogurt is better, because you can control the amount of sugar in it by
lightly sweetening.    And, Hello! Too much sugary stuff in it will defeat the purpose of the yogurt. Bacteria feeds on yogurt in your colon, if ya didn’t know. (I want to make my own, and am looking for a recipe to try. If I find it works, I will write about it and let you know.) 


*Spirulina – This is a brilliant supplement, and is great for a sluggish digestive system. If you ever experience irregularity, issues, using this along with yogurt should get your “colon rollin.”  Spirulina will make you feel like the Energizer bunny! Instead of a Mountain Dew, or a cup of coffee, (no, let me rephrase that) in addition to a cup of coffee, try one of these little green pills to rejuvenate your day. One pill of Spirulina has the equivalent of 3-4 servings of veggies. A bottle of 180 (500 mg) cost about $15. How would Spirulina, help me you say? Well, it is microscopic vegetable bacteria, and a green superfood. It increases immunity and longevity, and is a natural antioxidant. Just remember to take only one the first day to see how it affects you. Everyone is different, but the directions on my bottle says 6 tabs a day, but I’d recommend against that until you see how it works for you










*Omega 3 oil- While I love eating fish, not everyone in my family does, so Omega 3 supplements are an option to getting  that “good” oil. Flax or Borage oil supplements would work for this, too. The cost is between $8-14 a bottle.
I wanted to see if I could notice a significant difference, from usage. My daughter became the case study/guinea pig, and after she took one big pill daily, (1000 mg, eaten with a cracker) over a monthly period, we saw an improvement in her skin.  She commented that the back of her triceps were becoming noticeably smooth!
Now, I don’t have to cook odoriferous fish, since we are trying to sell our house!
And that is, as Martha Stewart says, “a good thing!”







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Beautiful Cherry Tree on Oakridge Drive


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