10 Ideas for a Thrifty Valentine’s Day

     Finding ways to enjoy your time with your Valentine a bit more challenging in this economy?  But don’t worry. It’s not impossible, and I have some ideas on how to make that happen. Read on.

  • Find a spot where you can watch the sun rise or set–together.  This could be outside the city, close to water, or someplace with a nice view.       And if you love stargazing, like me, find a place away from city lights, so the beauty of the constellations are as bright as possible.     Or, try a different approach… Often, you can find a group in your area with free observation times. College campuses sometime offer special observation times, and often have high-powered telescopes usually unavailable to the casual star-gazer.( If the weather is too cold for that, and you live near or in the Memphis, the Pink Palace’s Sharpe planetarium , offers incredibly educational shows using the Gallium technology in a 130-seat domed theater. The superb sound system helps provide projections of visual images, star maps and patterns which are projected on the ceiling.  Check ahead for times before your actual date, by heading over to their website. As the website says, the programs are a “treat for the eyes and ears,” and are all for under $5. That is a treat!  Here is the website … www.memphismuseums.org.) 
  • See a matinee. Try either @ a very nice movie theatre, or go to an evening movie @ the ‘thrifty’ theatre in your town. You might still be able to afford a bite to eat afterward, because of the lower cost.
  • Browse thrift stores or flea markets for inexpensive items with good bones.   Who knows, you might find something that would suit your space better than what you own, and that you absolutely love.   (Mimalism doesn’t necessarily mean you can only have a bed and a toothbrush, but that you don’t have stuff just to have stuff.  Just remember that if something comes in to your house, something else should go out.)     
  • Enjoy a coffeehouse or bookstore.  Often musicians or poetry readers entertain in these places. You can simply listen, or browse the reading sections while you listen. Your choice.
  • Visit a museum or zoo. Check locally to see the days they are free, or less expensive. Those days may not fall on Valentine’s Day, but part of showing love is about year round ways of showing appreciation, right?  
  • Ride the trolley, or the city bus. This is fairly inexpensive way to see places you might not have yet seen from a different perspective of being in the driver’s seat. You also might see places in your town you rarely frequent or have never been. 
  • If there is an amphitheatre in or near your area, you can often listen to bands having practice sessions. This is usually free, and a great way to enjoy spending time together. 
  • And if you want to stay in…..Make  a quick dessert together. If you are like me, I don’t consider an entire evening of cooking a fun thing, but choosing a quick treat makes it doable.  Starting with organic strawberries, and topping them with organic whipped cream is a quick and delicious way to spend some time with each other.  Using organic whipped cream, which comes in those cute little cartons at the Whole Foods store, is the way to go. It will take only 5 minutes to whip the cream, with a hand mixer, and the sugar is already included. Whip just until the cream peaks and then dip the strawberries in. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and you have an organic yet simple treat which is somewhat healthy. Yes, you had whipped cream but at least it was organic!  Plus, if you want really fast cleanup you can just get a can of whipped topping, too.
  • Share the gift of music with your Valentine. If cooking isn’t what you call soothing, get out all the music you haven’t heard in a while, without turning on the TV.  Music can take you back to wonderful places, and this can spark more conversation!  Don’t turn on the TV. Too distracting.   Oh, and did you find some CDs you don’t just love anymore? Put them in the Goodwill pile with that something you are donating, (since you found that cool thingy from the thrift store/flea market.)
  • Last but not least: Write a letter or a poem to each other.  While the internet is a fantastic communication tool, there is something about a handwritten note on a piece of paper you can touch with your fingers.  Use candy hearts to write sentences if you want. They are cute and tasty!  Or on a more serious note….Start it with 10 things I love about you are… If you are more romantically inclined try…. How do I love thee, let me count the ways…. Either way, it is a tangible way to express your love and affection with your Valentine.    

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is thrifty and beautiful!  I hope you will show some love by leaving comments sharing your own ideas. You can also share this post with others on Facebook or Twitter!   


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