A Stressless birthday party!!

As I reflect on celebrating my gal’s 13th birthday, this year, I think it was the most stressless one, so far!  

 Here’s how it went:

We were blessed with a Snow Day because of hazardous driving conditions, so my daughter and I got to bake cupcakes and make frosting together.

We made yellow cupcakes and home whipped buttercream icing, and then separated two batches of icing and started creating! This, to us, was the fun part. Our colors, periwinkle blue, and orchid~turned out beautifully.  And we displayed them in the lovely silver cupcake tower we bought on sale!  It was nice to have someone else helping in the kitchen and that was a lot of the reason the celebration was less stressful.

 Afterward, we met all her friends @ YoLo – the yogurt place, with extremely friendly staff. I like it when people act happy to see ya.  We had a great time trying different flavors and just hanging out. Then, when we sang the “Happy Birthday song” everyone in the entire place was happy to sing along. 

We returned home to eat “Little Caesar’s” cheese and pepperoni pizza , and the cupcakes.  After that, a sleepover began. All in all, it was very enjoyable. And that is how minimalism works. It is all about less stress &  more enjoyment! Wow, and it only took me 13 years to figure it out!


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